How did the Rain Curtain Waterfall Instruction Plans come about?

The reason I decided to create plans to help others build the rain curtain waterfall is that after searching the net trying to get some information that may help me build one of my own, I found nothing.

I could only find companies who build extremely expensive water walls or rain curtains costing thousands of dollars. I have seen these impressive water features at high end home shows in the Orlando area. They were always over a pool mounted inside an arbor or pergola structure. I was very impressed with these massive waterfalls and set out to build my own.

The Design Process

After building a pergola I started to try different ways to create this water wall effect. At first, it wasn’t even close. After many tries with different pipe configurations I finally got a decent waterfall effect, but still no natural looking rain curtain. I decided it could not be done without using some type of nozzle and hoped an idea would hit me down the road.

A year later I decided to build a much larger pergola in the back yard and wanted another water feature. Since my old approach didn’t produce the exact result I wanted I tried something very different. Like magic, the first try worked perfectly. I knew then I had a formula that would always work for any “do it yourself” builder out there.

The great thing is I never had to use expensive nozzles to make it work. Nozzles would present another problem in that they would have to be absolutely perfect. If they were off just a couple of degrees it would look like a bad shower head. Rain falls straight down, not at different angles. Once I had this easy solution, I went back to the old water feature and in a few hours had it running as a perfect rain curtain.

Many people think nozzles are the only way to produce this effect. Not only are they wrong, they will encounter problems, like clogged nozzles, and a lack of a natural rainfall effect. Also, there is no way to produce a triple plane rain curtain by just using a single pipe with holes in it. At most you can only have a single row of rainfall and therefore a wimpy rain curtain. My water feature design, due to the triple rows or planes of waterfall really looks like rain.

Other solutions

One thing that I did not like about the expensive rain curtain water features at home shows was while impressive, they really didn’t flow like rain. They were under pressure, and only one row of water. Another thing I didn’t like was the very loud sound they made. It did not sound like real rainfall. The large amount of splash wasn’t a problem as it was in a pool. I knew I would have to reduce the splash, since mine would not be in a pool and at the same time reduce the noise to that of a light shower landing on a lawn. After trying several different filter materials I got lucky and now there’s virtually no splash and a wonderful sound.


While this rain curtain is a major focal point in the day, as with other water features it tends to disappear at night. Luckily it illuminates extremely well. In the plans you will find a very easy and inexpensive way to make it really stand out at night. I think there is no other type of water fountain that really pops out as much with spotlights. You can make it any color you like or a series of colors.

Ten Reasons to Order Our Outdoor Water Wall Plans.

  1. You will have a water feature that looks like it cost several thousand for just a few hundred.
  2. Unlike other water features it will be seen and heard from a hundred feet away.
  3. No other water feature around makes such a statement for so little money.
  4. You can transform your old arbor or outdoor bar into an impressive focal point.
  5. It is one of the easiest and inexpensive waterfalls to build, if you have the plans.
  6. There is virtually no maintenance due to nozzle free design and closed reservoir system.
  7. You won’t spend weeks trying different prototypes, you will get it right the first time.
  8. Just buying the right water pump listed will save you twice over what the plans cost.
  9. This Rain Curtain looks and sounds more natural than high pressure nozzle designs.
  10. It is one of the most unique, substantial outdoor water features around anywhere.
Do it yourself water feature plans for only $39.95
Outdoor Water Wall Designs
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Realistic Rainfall Effect
Lighting the Rain Curtain
Outdoor Water Feature Lighting
Raining Water Feature