Make A Beautiful Rain Curtain Fountain for Your Backyard Garden Landscape

Add a Rain Curtain Fountain to any garden landscape structure such as a gazebo, arbor or pool bar. Our outdoor water wall plans and do it yourself instruction guide will show you how to build this $4000 rain curtain for as little as $250.

Our Rain Curtain Fountain will bring peaceful serenity to your backyard garden decor with its natural looking and sounding rainfall. Mask unwanted background noise and let the soft sounds of gentle rainfall soothe your soul. Refresh yourself in the rain fountain's light cool breeze as you relax near this peaceful garden water wall.

Relaxed and ready to entertain? Add your favorite garden decorations and colorful lighting to turn the Rain Curtain Fountain into an entertaining outdoor water feature that will get that high "Wow Factor" from your party guests. Decorate your landscape structure with tiki bar torches and statues for your next luau or go south of the border with an Aztec party theme.

Build An Affordable DIY Outdoor Water Wall with a High "Wow Factor"

Steve Dunn, creator of the Rain Curtain Fountain, wanted an affordable raining water wall for his garden pergola. Local building contractors estimated $4000 to build an outdoor water wall, so Steve decided to design and build a water feature himself. After much research he developed several prototypes that led to a very natural looking and sounding raining water wall design. 

Rainfall Designs was created to offer you Steve's complete do it yourself instruction plans that fully illustrate how to build an affordable outdoor water wall feature.

Rainfall Designs Offers Easy Do It Yourself Outdoor Water Feature Instructions and Video Guide

Our Do It Yourself (DIY) water wall construction plans include step by step instructions illustrated with 3d diagrams and photographs to guide you through the construction of our Rain Curtain Fountain. These outdoor water feature plans allow most any do it yourself builder to complete the raining water wall in a few hours. Plus we now have 22 minutes of instructional videos. The video clips are presented in topics of interest that correspond to the written plans.

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Only basic hand tools and a power drill are required so even novice builders can easily construct an impressive raining water feature for their decorative landscape design. The materials needed to build the Rain Curtain Fountain are available at your local hardware, plumbing or building supply store.  The materials and water pumps for the two Rain Curtain Fountains pictured on this page cost $250 and $450.

Helpful tips for lighting the water feature are included with our DIY water wall plans and video.  Learn how to light your rain curtain with any color palette you desire. The hundreds of streams of water really catch the light.

DIY Water Wall Questions

Rain Curtain Fountain Features

The Rain Curtain Fountain has three rows or planes of water giving the waterfall a natural visual depth not present in manufactured water wall designs. The rain curtain's design is easily adjusted to create a outdoor water wall from 4ft to 30ft wide.  Our DIY construction plans include a formula that insures a realistic rainfall regardless of what size of waterwall you plan to build.  

Even though thousands of gallons per hour of recycled water flow thru the rain curtain fountain, there is virtually no splash due to the unique design of the water wall's recycling reservoir.  This design allows for the creation of indoor as well as outdoor rain curtains. The fountain's rain falls gently at the rate of gravity, not under pressure, resulting in a natural looking and sounding water wall.

Our nozzle free waterfall design uses simple hand drilled holes instead of expensive metal nozzles that require cleaning, adjusting and replacement.  The closed reservoir will keep your outdoor water wall running maintenance free. Use Steve's Do It Yourself Water Wall Instruction Plans to make an inexpensive rain curtain waterfall for your garden landscape structure.

See Customer Submitted Videos That Feature Indoor Water Wall Projects

Customer Submitted Photos and Videos

Do it yourself water feature plans for only $39.95

Outdoor Water Wall Designs
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Realistic Rainfall Effect
Lighting the Rain Curtain
Outdoor Water Feature Lighting
Raining Water Feature
Do it yourself water feature plans for only $39.95

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